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the best seo companyInternet Marketing Optimization Our services are set to ensure the success of your online business!


for more than 10 years in the field of online performance-based marketing and delivered more than
100 independent and successful projects.

All Titans of the Online Marketing Olympus are on the mission!
There are no Titans available at the moment to accept your mission. Yet, rest assured that we'll be coming back soon.
True Cyber-Titans are hard to find. That's why we always get more new projects than we can handle.
We don't play hard to get game with our clients. This is who we are. Always busy. Always on the clients' most wanted list.
Titans Will Be Back To Get You On The Right Online Marketing Track!

There’s more than thing that sets the TITANS apart from the competition:

  • Strategic unbiased thinking
  • Invaluable real-life projects related experience
  • Unparalleled skills and professional attitude

Unparalleled skills and professional attitude

We’re still in the website development business. Mostly, when our long terms clients assign us these type of projects. Otherwise, we prefer that a website development project represents an integral part of a much bigger and complex project.


Because the TITANS are always much more than a simple code and some pretty designs. We’re the system solution provider and we should be treated as such.

Nowadays, in order to survive and profit in the challenging world of online business running an eye-catching website is simply not enough to get you what you want. Your website is merely a starting point for something much bigger and important. You need a helping hand to turn it into a money-making sales and marketing tool.

This is where the Titans jump in to save your cyber-day. This is exactly how your business will benefit the most from our involvement and expertise. There’s only way to ensure that your online presence becomes truly profitable. TITANS will lead and show you the right way!

Our ideal client is a well-established company with a functional, but not fully used website. Your website can literally rain you money with the right kind of business guidance. The services we provide guarantee you success and profit according to your expectations and dreams.

It’s a sad fact that the overwhelming majority of the self-proclaimed website development companies just want to get over with a simple website design and move on with their job. They’re running from one client to another, with little or no time at all to focus their attention on your specific demands and business requirements.

TITANS Work Differently!! TITANS Improve Your Online Business, Literally!!

titans clients

We’ve been an inevitable part of the digital marketing business for more than a decade. We witnessed the early dawn of both Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture PPC (Pay Per Click) online marketing services first-hand back in 2002/2003.

In addition, we’ve embraced the web optimization projects (SEO Google and Yahoo) as early as in 2004.

Nowadays, the TITANS Ltd generates most of its profit (90% and more) from SEO and other genuine web-related projects. The overwhelming majority of websites launched and maintained by our guidance proudly holds one of the top 3 positions on Google and Bing for the keywords you provided us with.

Due to a simple fact that the TITANS Ltd team is in a high demand, we’re extremely careful and picky when it comes to our new clients. In return, your trust and investment will be rewarded with an outstanding quality beyond your most optimistic expectations.

Strategy Strategy and


Web Design Web design and development

Online Campaigns Online Campaigns

(SEO, PPC, PPV, SMM, Display, Video & Mobile Marketing)

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Revenue, Growth ->Profit

How Titans Work in Five Steps
1st Step – Your First Task Is to Ask
2nd Step – Meet Our Quick Doers and Patient Listeners
3rd Step – For Your Eyes and Money Only 4th Step – Even When You Pay, We Still Play
 Back on Track with Your Feedback

How Titans Work in Five Steps

You’ve heard it so many times that you begin to question the truth behind an old and a very popular saying. The Internet is a limitless sea where anyone can find his or her goldfish to grant more than one business wishes. Yet, the catch is to find a perfect match.

Here’s how Titans work in five simple steps:

1st Step – Your First Task Is to Ask

Your journey to unparalleled business and profit opportunities begins with a simple phone call or an email. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and additional information about your specific online business plans. The Titans are the fair players who give straight and honest answers when you need them the most.

2nd Step – Meet Our Quick Doers and Patient Listeners

Once you’ve decided to award us with your trust, it’s the right moment to meet the real Titans of the online business. We can be surprisingly careful listeners and inspirationally quick doers. We play on the same team and our job is to get you a clean and profitable win-win.

3rd Step – For Your Eyes and Money Only

All of our solutions are genuine and efficient. We always make sure that what you get is more than you’ve expected. In addition, we’re pretty much sure that you’ll appreciate the striking efficiency of our services and products perfectly tailored just for you.

4th Step – Even When You Pay, We Still Play

Rest assured that our job doesn’t end with your final payment. We keep a close eye on our products and services to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to the plan. We don’t care how many times we’re going to test our work before it launches online for real.

5th Step – Back on Track with Your Feedback

Your feedback is our greatest reward and joy. Don’t keep us waiting. Tell us how it works and what can we do to improve it even further. The Titans are the challenge addicts. The Titans dare you to put their name to the test!

Digital Marketing Services:

Digital Marketing Consulting

Web Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Media Buy

Pay Per Click

Pay Per View

Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Who Are the TITANS ltd

TITANS ltd is a young and dynamic team of eProfessionals with a proven track record of handling online business projects. If it has something to do with the Internet business, then the TITANS ltd should be your next stop.

Everything we do we do for your Successful Internet Business

Why Choose TITANS ltd

Nowadays, you can get a website presentation for a pizza price. The trouble is that your Internet business is going to last less than it takes for a pizza delivery boy to get you your order.

Modern online business asks from you to have the whole thing. What does this mean? Well, you need to find a service provider, who’s going to give you the whole package rather than one piece of the Internet puzzle, which often ends up as a bitter and an inefficient disappointment. A truly successful Internet business is a delicate structure made of numerous pieces, which need to carefully designed and teamed up.

We’re not only building websites for your business, but we’re also installing online cash machines that generate profit for your company.

We’re delivering a complete package of service specially designed and adjusted to boost your online business.

We’re more than the legend of mythological Titans, we’re the Cyber TITANS!

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We Are the Titans of the Successful Internet Business!

Successful Internet Business

Trustworthy – Both the results of our work and our professional approach are absolutely trustworthy.

Ingenious – All of our solutions designed for your Internet business are original, effective, and above all ingenious.

Thoughtful – We treat our projects and clients in a respectful and thoughtful way.

Advantages – Our online business solutions provide you with the strategic advantages regarding your competitors.

Notable – The results of our work are notable and profitable.

Successful – Above all, we need to make sure that you run a truly successful online business thanks to our services.