General Information About The Company

  • Date of establishment: 29. april 2011.

  • Type of organization: Private Limited Company

  • Name of legal entity: Private Limited Company "TITANS" Cazin

  • Short name of the company: TITANS d.o.o.

  • Company Address: Gnjilavac bb 77220, Cazin Unsko-Sanski Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Activity Code KD BiH: 63.11

  • Activity Code KD: 72.300

  • ID number: 4263611410005

  • VAT number: 263611410005

  • Company registration: MBS: 17-01-0399-11 Municipal Court Bihać

  • Customs services payer: Yes

  • Owner and CEO: Delić Sanel

  • Transaction account: UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina number: 3385202206635546

  • Transaction account: Raiffeisen bank dd Subsidiary Cazin number: 1610350041090018

  • Foreign currency account EUR (IBAN): UniCredit bank dd Mostar number: BA393385204806636932 SWIFT: RZBABA2S

  • Foreign currency account USD (IBAN): UniCredit bank dd Mostar number: BA393385204806637805 SWIFT: RZBABA2S

  • Foreign currency account (IBAN): Raiffeisen bank dd Bosnia and Herzegovina number: BA391611350000521270 SWIFT: UNCRBA22

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